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Dimmer Typen

We regularly test dimmers from different manufacturers which can be used with our products.
The list will be constantly updated. Status 11/17
The publication of the specified dimmer types takes place after extensive testing. In some cases it may happen, due to technical environmental features such as circuits, ballasts and drivers, that the listed combination isn’t possible.
Please understand that the information can’t be guaranteed. Therefore, there is also a disclaimer for damages arising from the listed dimmers.

Best dimming results with phase dimmers

From our experience, we would like to pass on the following information: Dimmers that work on the phase “leading edge” principle, usually achieve better dimming results at dimming the articles of our Vintage Line. In some cases, the power supply of a dimmer, even when the power is switched off, can cause a dim glow of the lamp. This does not represent any defect in the product. Flickering in the case of LED bulbs can often be detected, if the specified minimum load from dimmer is not reached. Likewise, ripple control pulses of the power stations or in the case of lamp replacement of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps can be the cause. A mixed operation of inductive (L) and capacitive (C) loads behind a dimmer (even with a universal dimmer) is generally not possible due to the functionality. The mixed load operation of a capacitive with a resistive load (R) is one way to achieve minimum loads of dimmers. Please contact your electrician for this.


ProducerArticleNoDescriptionColorInstallationControllingTechnical dataAvailable Download
ALBRECHT JUNG GmbH & Co. KG224 LED UDDUniversal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / Wanddimmer-WallRotary switch
ALTENBURGER50.13.110 AQLeistungsdimmer in Reiheneinbauform, Phasenabschnitt-TragschienePotentiometer700Watt
ALTENBURGER50.13.111 AQLeistungsdimmer in Reiheneinbauform, Phasenabschnitt-TragschienePotentiometer1400Watt
ALTENBURGER90.10.100 AQAQStation-System / Gebäudeautomatisierung-3x 250Watt
DomintellDimMax 420SL/SLRDimmer für den Einbau in Unterputzdosen-UPTaster0 - 200VA
EATON LIGHTING SYSTEMSSCLED04054 Channel Dimmer System--
EATON LIGHTING SYSTEMSSCLED120512 Channel Dimmer System--
ELKO316 GLEDUniversal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / Wanddimmer-
ELTAKOEUD12NPNUniversal Dimmschalter für den Reiheneinbau, Erweiterung mögl.-TragschieneTasterbis 100Watt (LED)
ELTAKOEUD61NPNDimmer für den Einbau in Unterputzdosen-UPTasterbis 100Watt (LED)
ELTAKOFUD61NPNFunkaktor- Universal Dimmschalter / Unterputz- Schnur-UP / ZuleitungTaster od. Sensorbis 100Watt (LED)
ELTAKOFUD70S-230VFunkaktor- Universal Dimmschalter / Unterputz - Schnur-UP / ZuleitungFunktaster oder PCbis 400Watt (LED) *
ELTAKOFSR61NP-230VFunkaktor- Stromstoss Schaltrelais-UP Taster od. SensorkA für LED
ELTAKOFSUD-230VFunkaktor- Steckdosen Universal Schalter-ZwischensteckerFunk bis 300W (LED)
FINDERSerie 15.81Universal Dimmer, versch. Modelle / Tragschiene Wandeinbaudose-TragschieneTaster-
GIRASystem 2000/ 3000Universal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / Wanddimmer-UPTaster3-200Watt mit Phasenabschnitt
HELVAR GmbH454 Trailing
JUNG1224 LED UDE Universal LED push button dimmerPush Button
JUNG224 LED UDDUniversal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / WanddimmerWallRotary switch
PEHAD 431 HAN LED O.A.Universal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / WanddimmerNAWallRotary switch
PEHAH 432 HAN LED O.A.Universal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / WanddimmerNAWallRotary switch
PEHAH 432-2 HAN LED O.A. Universal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / WanddimmerNAWallRotary switch
QBUSDIM04SA Universelles Dimm-Modul für den professionellen BereichNAStand-Alone / Input-Button
QBUSDIM02SAUniverselles Dimm-Modul für den professionellen BereichNAStand-Alone / Input-Button
QBUSDIM02SAUniverselles Dimm-Modul für den professionellen BereichNAStand-Alone / Input-Button
QBUSDIM04SAUniverselles Dimm-Modul für den professionellen BereichNAStand-Alone / Input-Button
SCHALKETD 2EUniversal TastdimmerTragschieneTasterbis 400Watt (LED) *
SCHALKETD U2Universal TastdimmerTragschieneTasterbis 400Watt (LED) *
SCHALKETD 2 Universal TastdimmerTragschieneTaster
SEEBACHER GMBHUD-700-X2Universal Dimmer für ISYGLT und DMX AnwendungenBUS, DMX2 x 700Watt
SEGULA GMBH50845LED Cable Dimmer - Footswitch blackblackCableFoot switchLED 3-35W
SEGULA GMBH50840LED Cable Dimmer - Rotary Control blackblackCableRotary switchLED 3-35W
SEGULA GMBH50841LED Cable Dimmer - Rotary Control whitewhiteCableRotary switchLED 3-35W
SEGULA GMBH50843LED Cable Dimmer - Rotary Control transparenttransparentCableRotary switchLED 3-35W
SEGULA GMBH50846LED Cable Dimmer - Push Button blackblackCablePush ButtonLED 3-35W
SEGULA GMBH50847LED Cable Dimmer - Push Button whitewhiteCablePush ButtonLED 3-35W
SEGULA GMBH50848LED Cable Dimmer - Push Button transparenttransparentCablePush ButtonLED 3-35W
SEGULA GMBH50856Universal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / Wanddimmer-WallRotary switchLED 1-200W
SEGULA GMBH50850Bluetooth Dimmer / Wireless Remote ControlgreySocket, Lamp, WallSmartphone/Appup to 150WUser Guide Smartphone App
SNOER6220X1-40W 18W Max RC
SNOER642XX3-100W 45W Max RC
STAGELINE ELECTRONICDDA44 Channel Dimmer System (Lichterkette od. Filament LED)--4 x 100Watt
TRADIMDUO 24942facher Universal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / Wanddimmer-WallRotary switch2 x 3-100W 2x45W Max RC
TRADIM2490HP5-150W 70W Max RC
TRADIM2485HUniversal LED Drehdimmer-Einsatz / Unterputz / WanddimmerWallRotary switch
TRADIM63103X-01TRADIM floor dimmer Floor
TRADIM6430XTRADIM floor dimmer Floor
TRADIM6220XTRADIM wire dimmerCable
TRADIM6420XTRADIM wire dimmerCable